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Equipment Mobilisation

Equipment Mobilisation services are needed either when:

- Selling or disposing of cranes 
- Rearranging berth positions to optimise operations

When relocating a crane, the following changes may be necessary to ensure safe delivery and optimal crane function:

- Tie-down and storm anchor 
- Span change and other modifications 
- Changes to electrical power supply, such as voltage and frequency changes 
- Changes to power source 
- Crane drive system upgrades 

JPPI is able to provide you with the whole suite of services related to preparation, delivery and post-delivery modifications and modernisations.

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Equipment Modernisation

Modernisation of equipment normally includes repairs and renewal of crane structures, mechanisms, and electrical systems. Crane refurbishment is required when crane performance has generally deteriorated and breakdowns are frequent. This can be the result of:

- Lack of maintenance 
- Crane aging due to prolonged wear and tear 
- Inability to procure spares and spare parts cannibalisation – rendering some cranes permanently inoperable 
- Corrosion to steel structure due to poor coatings or harsh weather 

JPPI with support from IPC equipment subdivision are able to handle all aspects from design and fabrication to performing all the necessary upgrades to crane structural, mechanical, and electrical systems.

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Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

Few realize that the lifetime cost spent on terminal equipment for operation and maintenance usually exceed the costs of acquisition. But when various stakeholders in a terminal realize this fact, a greater insight and appreciation of the need for quality maintenance & repair can be realized in terminal operation, finance control and management. For the maintenance manager this is both an opportunity and a challenge. Getting the job done gets easier when your “customer” appreciate your work. On the other hand, realizing the importance of quality maintenance & repair, terminal management will put more emphasis on the performance of maintenance & repair function.

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Engineering and Consultant Services

When investing millions of dollars to buy new cranes and cargo handling equipment you want to make sure you get value-for-money and that you get the optimal equipment that you are paying for. Therefore the wise equipment buyers engage an expert Consultant Services company to perform the quality assurance during the whole manufacturing process. For that purpose it is vital to have:

A company involved with an well established, for the purpose,structure and tools to manage the large amount of data and information during the course of the project.

JPPI is meeting these requirements optimally and therefore JPPI is the Port Equipment Consultant Services A highly professional engineering team to review the structural, mechanical and electrical design to ensure compliance with the equipment specification and applicable international standards, norms and regulation.